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Pop Art Style Table mats

These colorful place-mats in the ‘pop art’ style will liven up your tables and be enjoyed by all the family and friends.

Very easy to clean !

Origin: Kenya

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Zenhathitude products are all made with vibrant colored materials. They are carefully crafted and stitched using traditional methods by local women from the Unkambany community.

These Place-mats are printed using original photographs taken in a different part of Africa: in Kenya, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

Size: 15.74” L x 12.60” W  / 40 cm L x 32 cm W

Weight:   0.143 Pounds/  65 g

Zenhathitude projects aim to ensure sustainable incomes and development in the Ukambani region in Kenya where crafts have been a traditional practice for generations. For example, the sisal plantation doing very well in the region and weaving has become an important and successful program for the community turning the sisal into ropes and mats which will be used in the production of coffee table and poufs by Zenhathitude group.

Zenhathitude also crafts creatively designed iPad or computer bags and accessories that help fund social projects.

Sina Boda is proud to share with you this project and to support this community through Zenhatitude programme.