This beautiful dove in soapstone can have many purposes in your hallway, your living room, office studio., sure you will find a use for it

This smooth sculpture will bring a contemporary touch to your interior wherever you are.

Coming in 2 sizes and different shades.

Origin: Kenya

* product shown is the exact product purchased




This dove is handmade in Kenyan soapstone and is very smooth to the touch. The stone remains in its natural state and may show faint veins and minerals,

You will appreciate the softness of the stone and you can use it in different ways: to hold pens, glasses, cacti etc.

Care Instructions:  soapstone is a porous stone. Your item could be stained by greasy or colorful things such as tomato sauce etc

Wipe with a wet cloth

Size Large (approx):  10.23” L x 3.13” W x 4.72 H / 26 cm x 10 cm x 12 cm

Weight: 4.40 Pounds / 2 kg


Size Small (approx):  7.87” L x 3.12” W x 4.33 H / 20 cm x 8 cm x 11 cm

Weight: 2.42 Pounds / 1.10 kg

Please, note handmade products will have slight variations (weight, size), this is a natural occurrence in handcrafted items.





Kenyan soapstone is only found in the rural village of Tabaka in Western Kenya, close to the city of Kissi.It is a soft rock, about half chalk and marble and its colors may vary from cream, pink, yellow or dark grey. Kissi stone is easy to work, porous and it absorb colors and dyes. After carving, the stone is polished in water to have the silky aspect.

In the 1930s, Kenyans started to carve this stone into posts for carrying fat or to exchange for sisal.