Soapstone ball candle

Versatile basics for lovers of candlelight in white stone. This Ball candle is a perfect way to accessorize your home, office, or bedroom. and will ad an uptown attitude whether alone or as part as a set.

Origin: Kenya

  • Sold separately or in a set of 2 or 3
  • Handcrafted: slight variation in color and shape.


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Our artisans worked to create an unusual textured surface on the soapstone. It will give a unique aspect to your ball candle

You can combine one, two or more ball candles indoors or outdoors on your dining table, in a corridor …

An unscented tea-light candle will be included

Care instruction: Wipe clean with a wet tissue


Size (per piece):  3.34” Diam  x 2.75” H / 8.5 cm Diam x  7 cm H

Weight (per piece): 1.10 Pounds / 0.5 kg

Because it is an handcrafted item, each creation may vary slightly.


Kenyan soapstone is only found in the rural village of Tabaka in Western Kenya, close to the city of Kissi.It is a soft rock, about half chalk and marble and its colors may vary from cream, pink, yellow or dark grey. Kissi stone is easy to work, porous and it absorb colors and dyes. After carving, the stone is polished in water to have the silky aspect.

In the 1930s, Kenyans started to carve this stone into posts for carrying fat or to exchange for sisal.