Sibipurina, The 2 in 1

Chic necklace made with sibipurina seeds and a clasp of coconut shell with braided cord.

Wear your necklace during the day or at night for a party. Your friends will ask you, without any doubt, where to get the same !

Origin: DR Congo


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These necklaces are handmade by L’Arbre Kinois in DR Congo, a Ngo we support since 2006.

They are made with a sibipurina  seeds. The aspect of the seeds is totally natural.

You can wear it like that or you can also twist it to get another style ! That’s why we call it  ”The 2 in 1”!

Length (approx): 10″/25 cm

Total weight (approx): o.154 lbs / 70 g

Please, note handmade products will have slight variations (size, weight)

Sibipurina seeds are also called red seeds of the church (for making rosaries).

They come from a tree that resembles the so-called Pau-Brasil tree. It grows in tropical regions with leaves similar to the acacia leaf. The scarlet color of the seed, its biconvex appearance and luster are all natural.

Do you know? In West Africa, this seed was used when shaking the hands of a debtor in order to subtly remind him of his debt….