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Jacaranda trivet 3 in 1

This charming modern trivet is actually three trivets in one. All pieces can be separated to protect the table or countertops from 3 hot dishes or joined together to hold one.

Designed exclusively for Sina Boda, this eye-catching triangular trivet is carved in jacaranda wood.

Origin: Kenya

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This jacaranda wood trivet is carved by Kamba people, a Kenyan tribe who lives in the Machakos district.

This trivet is light and has a special finishing in wax to protect against stains and water. It will protect and beautify your table, whether you use them separately or together.

This product is part of the Sina Boda’s collection.

Coming in 2 colors.


  • Care Instructions: wipe with a damp cloth

Size: 8.26 ” Diam x 0.6” H / 21 cm Dia x 1.5 cm H

Weight: 0.45 Pounds / 0.2 kg

Because it is an handcrafted item, each creation may vary slightly in color, pattern and size.

The jacaranda tree is an ornamental tree valued for its intense flower display. This fast-growing tree is often used for carving in Kenya especially in the district of Machakos where Akamba people main income is from wood hand carved. This region is very known for its carving tradition where professional carvers train young artisans in this skill.

These jacaranda wood creations are light and have a special finishing in wax known only by the team, which makes it a unique shade of grey or blue and protect against stains and water.