Flat clutch with Maasai Beads

To find what you are looking for in your bag, there is only one solution: get one or more handsome and colorful purses for your personal things…

You will appreciate this flat clutch for your receipts, pens…  what you want!

Origin: Kenya


The product shown is the exact product to be purchased.




The originality of this rectangular and light clutch is the combination the micro-suede fabric and the Maasai beads handmade by the women Maasai community.

Made by skilled artisans, the appeal lies in the detail like the hand stitching inside and a zipper closure.


Size : 8.07” L x 4.53” W x  0.2” H    20,5 cm L x 11,5 cm W x 0.5 cm H

Weight : 0.088 Pounds  /  40 g

Angy’s enterprise was built on the foundation of providing employment opportunities to young ladies who have a passion and skill for fabrics. They also provide income to Maasai Women who do the beading for some of the products. Their workshop is in Nairobi and we really like the atmosphere, the team and her designer,  Angy.

Sina Boda loves that Angy’s creations combine chic yet common fabric such as micro-suede with African Kitenge fabric (also call Ankara). These 2 materials fit perfectly together. It is her Touch of sophistication! Each purse is unique!