Ngazi Pendant

For this model, crafted in cow-horn and brass, our artisan Stephen was inspired by Japan. Beautifully balanced and smooth to the touch, there is a zen-like quality to each piece.

Origin: Kenya


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Perfect for fans of Africa jewelry or those who appreciate unique statement pieces…

This necklace is crafted in cow-horn and has a small triangular brass piece.

You will appreciate this long pendant !

Length of the black cord: 14″/36 cm

Height of the pendant (without cord); 5.5” /14 cm

Total weight: 0.104 lbs / 47 g

Since the earliest time, man has made utensils from natural material such as clay, stone metal, bone and horn. They use ancient techniques to create useful tools, beads or jewelry.

Stephen, our artisan, creates beautiful and unique jewelry mainly with brass, recycled cow horns and cow bones. The horns and bones are boiled in hot oil in order for the material to soften up, then is pressed into thin plates. They are cut into various pieces depending on the jewelry design. The artisan smoothed them with sandpaper to create a glossy finish and composes with different pieces or embellishment to create a nice necklace or earrings.