Our story


Sina Boda is hugely significant to me. The meaning of Sina Boda is “no border’ in Kiswahili (one of the main languages in East Africa). For us, it means; no border in creativity, in materials, in sharing ideas, and no border to the support we give our artisans.

Until leaving Africa in 2015, I had spent the majority of the previous 20 years living there. It was a very rich experience for me and I still have many memories of the times shared with the people and artisans I met.  I had also spent many years working on development projects there, and it was this experience that nurtured the concept of Sina Boda.

Through Sina Boda, I have been able to combine my passions: the world of creation, unearthing unusual materials and original handmade creations while empowering local artisans.

Sina Boda will increase the visibility of the artisans I have met, and build a bridge between them and customers who appreciate handcrafted, unique and high-quality creations.

I invite you to share in this long and beautiful journey and I hope that you will appreciate the spirit of Sina Boda.