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Our Univers

Our Concept, our fingerprint
In Kiswahili, Eastern Africa’s main language, Sina Boda means ‘No borders’.

This is what we believe in, that imagination and craftsmanship have no boundaries. We believe in creativity, using locally sourced materials in original and unusual ways, supporting local artisans and creators from diverse countries and cultures.

We work to the principles of fair trade: each purchase generates meaningful income for the artisans and their families and all articles are handcrafted in an ethical and sustainable manner.

When we select an item for you it is because we’ve fallen head-over-heels in love with it!

All our objects are clever blends of raw materials, crafted by skilled artisans into contemporary, high- quality designs.  Each creation is elegant and original. You won’t find them at your local market stall.

We also have our own Sina Boda collection: this is comprised of creations we co-design  with our artisans. This is an enriching, satisfying experience for us, as we really enjoy those precious moments sharing ideas with our different craftsmen and women, getting an insight into their individual ideas, their immense skills, and their local traditions.

Sina Boda will surprise you, inviting you along on a wonderful journey. We will share with you the inspiring and unique stories behind the artisans’ work; their customs, the materials they use, and the expertise they apply to transform them into beautiful, unique, handmade ‘Talking Crafts’’.

Our wish is that when you get to know Sina Boda, you will be left saying “Tell me more!

8 Things to Know

Sina Boda – a social enterprise creating sustainable economic development

  • Each artisan knows they are valued, ensuring smooth relations and a really positive work ethic
  • We pay our artisans fairly in order to ensure dignity in work well done.
  • Our artisans receive a deposit on each order placed, so that they are always able to support their families.
  • We buy directly from our artisans - there is no intermediary - so we can be sure they receive a fair price for their work
  • Our vision is to support our artisans in the long-term and we regularly work alongside them to design new products, promoting innovation and continuity.
  • Our economic model is a ‘win-win’partnership with our craftmen, communities or creators but also with our customers: when you buy a Sina Boda product, you have the satisfaction of knowing you are directly supporting an artisan and their family
  • Sina Boda is more than just a business – it is an opportunity to improve the lives of the people who create our wonderful products
  • We encourage and support artisans in the organization of their work methods and in the development of their business strategies

Home is not far away when you are alive (Maasai Proverb)